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Expected Taste Notes

We expect our charred oak barrels to impart a sweet vanilla flavor that will be tempered by hints of sea salt. Our underwater aging process allows the product to be smoother than its years and we expect there to be some hints of the ocean's properties. We think you will likely enjoy this. The ancient Romans used to add salt water to their wine and as a result of our process, our rum also has hints of sea salt. Salt helps bring out all the different flavor profiles in both alcohol and food and in our case it will bring out the spices we have selected.

How Your Pre-Orders Help Us

At the moment RDI is competing in the New York State Business Plan Competition and the Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition. Last year we were competition finalists and came very close to winning both competitions. Your pre-orders help us greatly by helping us build a trackrecord of sales and proof of concept. If we get enough pre-sales we think we have a great shot of winning. Significant prize money is up for grabs and we need all the help we can get to win. Winning these competitions will go a long way towards helping us scale the operation and improve our products.‚Äč