Andrew Eifler (Director of Product Management, AppNexus)

"Compared to the land-aged product, the ocean-aged product was much richer with a twinge of salty sweetness. The taste difference was huge. Plus, the mystique of underwater aging transformed the drinking experience into an undersea adventure – a momentary escape from reality."

Ellen Sherman (Producer, Dateline NBC)

"The ocean-aged sample was a sensory treat. Smooth, with flavors that seemed perfectly woven through the spirit rather than having one flavor intrude on the others. Up until now I had not been a rum fan but this brand is in a class by itself. It takes rum to a new level, elevating the drink into a category that will well serve the market. I look forward to all the products Rum Dogs is introducing."

Nancy Wekselbaum (Owner, The Gracious Gourmet)

"Definitely smoother and has a nice flavor. Perhaps the salt from the sea added something. The land version was rougher as I swallowed it and the flavor did not come through as nicely."